ViaVia Bali Sanur

Welcome to ViaVia, where the food’s as tasty as the stories we share! Here, travellers and locals mingle over delicious bites and chilled drinks, swapping tales of adventure. With its cozy vibes and smiling faces, ViaVia captures the essence of Bali’s laid-back charm – come hungry, leave with memories!

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ViaVia Restaurant

Step into ViaVia Bali Sanur, where we’re dishing out a global feast of tapas with a conscious touch.

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With its relaxed ambience, calm waters and tranquil beaches, Sanur is the ideal gateway to visit attractions on the island of the gods.

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About ViaVia

ViaVias are meeting places for world travellers. They are intersections between east and west, north and south. 
A world wide community based on unity in diversity.

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world tapas selection

A place to connect

Your home away from home, a global café/restaurant where both travellers and locals have their spot.

A place to enjoy

A tasty meal, a local drink, a souvenir, just simply that laidback artsy place in town, reflecting a multicultural style and with flavours from all over the world.

A place to explore

Havens of information to broaden your worldview and a range of tours and workshops on offer to explore the local community.

A place to contribute

No green nor social washing but integer commitment to make a difference between storytelling and story-doing by staying true to the realization of our sustainable vision and mission.


Welcome to ViaVia Bali Sanur

Close to the airport and away from the overly explored and photographed spots of Bali lays Sanur, a small coastal town, a unique blend of charm, culture, and natural beauty. 

Nestled in the heart of Sanur, the only thing hotter than the sun is the menu and the vibe at ViaVia! 

ViaVia is a unique and trendy spot where sustainability meets culinary excellence. We offer wholesome breakfasts, a wide array of world tapas and your favourite spaghetti ViaVia in our garden restaurant, and smoothies, slow pressed juices and cocktails in a funky bar area.

Be on the lookout for a wide line-up of workshops and tours on offer. Join a yoga class to start of the day to find balance in body and mind.

Tasty food and drinks

Taste the World

Dive into a world tapas. All are celebrations of our planet’s diversity, whether you’re savouring the spicy flavours of Asia, the wholesome delights of Europe, the zesty tastes of Latin America or the surprising delicacies of Africa. 

ViaVia Bali Sanur also offers wholesome breakfasts, Indonesian dishes and an Indonesian rijsttafel, pasta dishes and more.

It goes without saying that our coffees are from sustainable local plantations, and that we serve exotic smoothies, slow pressed juices and cocktails balanced with top Balinese rice alcohol. 

What sets ViaVia apart is not just its diverse menu, but its commitment to sustainability. From locally-sourced ingredients to eco-friendly practices, sustainability is woven into the fabric of ViaVia’s ethos, ensuring that every dish served leaves a minimal footprint on the planet.

world tapas selection

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Bali through a ViaVia Lens

Exploring Bali through a ViaVia lens means uncovering hidden gems beyond the tourist hotspots, discovering a captivating blend of tradition, contemporary life and opportunities for authentic experiences that go beyond the surface.