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With its relaxed ambience, calm waters and tranquil beaches, Sanur is the ideal gateway to visit attractions on the island of the gods.

Overland to Jogjakarta-Java

An alternative to flying to Java is embarking on this adventurous overland journey, guiding you through the natural wonders of East Java and immersing you in the heart of traditional Javanese life in Solo and its surroundings.

A 3 day Thrilling Adventure to Jogja via Ijen and Bromo

As you embark on your journey to explore the cultural heart of Indonesia, Jogjakarta, we present an alternative route overland. This allows you to soak in the highlights of East Java all at once, instead of simply flying over its breathtaking volcanoes.

Beginners Course Surfing

At Jimbaran beach, about an hour drive away from Sanur, a few companies offer beginners courses surfing at good value for young and old.

Kitchen Take Over

Embark on a culinary journey with us! Immerse yourself in a hands-on experience, starting from exploring the vibrant market to mastering step-by-step cooking techniques, and finally, savoring the delicious results.

Snorkeling in Sanur

Due to threats such as climate change, pollution, over-tourism and overfishing, the coral reefs in Sanur were completely destroyed. A community project is building a new reef just off the beach in Sanur. 

Travel beyond Bali

Discover hidden gems beyond the tourist trail, venture off the beaten path, and enrich your wanderlust with unique destinations beyond Bali’s shores. Have a look at our travel agency in Java.