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ViaVia Restaurant

Step into ViaVia Bali Sanur, where we’re dishing out a global feast of tapas with a conscious touch.

ViaVia Menu


served between 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

Choice of Eggs (vegetarian)    37
Scrambled / Poached / Fried / Omelette 
With wilted spinach, grilled tomatoes and toasted sourdough

Choice of Eggs (non-veg)   55
Scrambled / Poached / Fried / Omelette 
With bacon, grilled tomatoes and toasted sourdough

Shakshuka    60
A savory Middle Eastern dish of poached eggs in a tomato-based sauce with paprika, shallots, and avocado with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices served with toasted sourdough bread

French Toast    37
With sliced banana, strawberry and coconut nectar

Toast avocado with eggs    50
Deliciously toasted sourdough bread with mashed avocado topped with two perfectly poached eggs and grilled cherry tomato

Granola with Yoghurt    45
A bowl of sugar free granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit

Smoothie Bowl    42
A thick tropical fruit smoothie with cashew nuts, topped with banana and nutritious roasted seeds

Indonesian Breakfast

Nasi Goreng Prawirotaman    50
Traditional fried rice with chicken, vegetables, fish satay (sate lilit ikan) and egg

Vegetarian Nasi Goreng    37
Traditional fried rice with vegetables and egg

World Tapas

Lebanese Fattoush Salad    22
Lebanese salad topped with iconic fried pita bread and lemon vinaigrette

Mixed Beer Board    20
Fried tempeh, tofu and cassava with sambal kecap

Spanish Cold Cut Platter    150
Salami Milano, spanish cured salami, beef coppa, Pancetta

Indian Alloo Gobi    15
A classic Indian dish that marries perfectly tender potatoes and cauliflower with a blend of aromatic flavours

Indonesian Terong Balado    15
Terong balado is an Indonesian dish of eggplants cooked in a spicy chili sauce, creating a flavorful culinary delight

Spanish Vegetable Tortilla    20
One of the most famous Spanish tapas, a hearty veggie omelet with spinach, potato and cherry tomatoes, served with spicy aioli

Belgian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce    35
Meatballs of ground beef, in a creamy tomato sauce

Balinese Sate Lilit Ikan    25
Balinese minced fish satay, mixed with grated coconut and a blend of spices, wrapped around bamboo sticks

Shrimp Mozambique    42
Simmered prawn in a bold beer garlic sauce with a dash of cilantro

Olives    40
A small bowl of green and black olives in herbal olive oil

Japanese Yakitori Mushroom    15
3 skewers of grilled mushrooms with spring onions in a soy-mirin sauce

Balinese Urutan Base Genep    30
3 Balinese pork sausages

Indian Samosa (set of 2)    25
A typical Indian triangular pastry filled with spiced veggies and served with mint sauce


Baguette 20 
Rice 15 
Sweet Potato Wedges 15

Suggested Sets of World Tapas


Lebanese Fattoush Salad 
Japanese Yakitori Mushroom 
Sweet Potato Wedges 
Indian Samosa 
Indonesian Terong Balado


Lebanese Fattoush Salad 
Shrimp Mozambique 
Balinese Sate Lilit 
Belgian Meatballs 

Big Bites

ViaVia Salad    35
Fresh vegetables topped with tempeh and peanuts, served with vinaigrette

Caesar Salad    65
Crisp romaine lettuce, tossed in caesar dressing with tomato, bacon/chicken/smoked beef, black olives, parmesan flakes and spiced croutons

Nasi Campur Suryodiningratan    60
Brown rice with crispy tempeh, spicy eggplants, shredded beef/chicken, marigold leaves salad with herbal shredded coconut and balinese sambal matah

Nasi Goreng Prawirotaman    50  Vegetarian option    37
Traditional fried rice with chicken, vegetables, fish satay (sate lilit ikan) and egg

Vegetarian Mie Goreng Tirtodipuran    37
Traditional fried egg noodle with vegetables and egg

Mie Goreng Tirtodipuran with chicken   45
Traditional fried egg noodle with vegetables, chicken and egg

Pasta Dishes

Spaghetti ViaVia    60
Pasta with bolognese sauce à la ViaVia, flavoured with a mixture of spices, topped with grated parmesan cheese

Vegetarian Spaghetti ViaVia    55
Pasta with a tomato based sauce full of yummy vegetables and a mixture of herbs topped with parmesan cheese

Spaghetti Carbonara    75
Pasta with bacon in a creamy egg and parmesan sauce

Indische Rijsttafel

A complete set of various dishes from Indonesia including a welcome drink

Order one day beforehand min 2 pax

Vegan & Non-Vegan


Mango Vodka Jelly    45

I Bake You Eat Cake    45

i bake you eat is a local home bakery whipping up delicious cakes with lots of love and enthusiasm

Pisang goreng    25


Long Black 25

Small Espresso 25

Cappucino 35

Cafe Latte 35

Black Summer 35
Espresso, Valencia Orange, Soda Water

Mochaccino 45

Oat mylk option available
Served hot or iced

Tea Corner

Hot / Iced Tea    8

Lime / Ginger / Lemongrass Tea    16

Ginger Lime Honey Tea    20

Served hot or iced

Hot / Iced Chocolate 40

Soda & Water

Coca Cola / Soda Water    15

Mineral Water 1/2L    4

Mineral Water 1L    7

Lime / Strawberry Squash    27

Infused Water    20

Freshly Made

Pure Orange 35

Strawberry 20

Cheeky Monkey 30
Frozen banana, almond, peanut butter, dates

Vitamin Rush 35
Orange, grapes, strawberry, banana

Summer Paradise 25
Mango, pineapple, passionfruit, coconut mylk

Mean Green 28
Green veggies, kyuri, apple, pineapple

C-Booster 28
Carrot, lime, ginger, honey

Heart Beet 28
Apple, carrot, ginger, lime, beetroot

Jamu (Herbal Do-Wells)

Beras Kencur 25
A blend of ginger (kencur), tamarind, lime, and coconut sugar, relieves body tension, clears the throat, tackles cold and cough, and boosts blood circulation

Temulawak 25
Curcuma, tamarind, long pepper, cardamom, cloves, cumin, dill, fenugreek, and fennel collectively improve digestion, stimulate appetite, reduce inflammation, and may lower cancer risk

Wedang Pokak 25
Ginger, lemongrass, pandan leaves, cinnamon, lime, cloves, and cardamom work symbiotically to boost the immune system and provide relief from cold and cough symptoms

mixed with 1 shot espresso +10

Kunyit Asam 25
Turmeric, tamarind, and coconut sugar combine to refresh the body and mind, support digestion, and boost stamina


Bintang L 45

Bintang S 35

Bintang Radler 35

Corona 70

Stella Artois 70

Local Beers

Kura Kura 70

Hace 65


Ask for the wine list

Californian Sauvignon Blanc glass 150 bottle 495

Chilean Merlot glass 130 bottle 450
Luis Felipe Edwards


SweetGerda 75
Indulge in the equatorial charm of our herbal sweet wine and tropical fruit fusion

Stopnibobni 90
An invigorating blend of zesty ginger, tangy lemon, and golden honey ice blocks, simmered in the embrace of Karusotju, Bali’s finest distilled spirit

BumiHidup 50
A sensory journey, harmonizing the earthy and smoky notes of local herbs, aromatic ginger, and rice, elegantly fused with the smooth allure of vodka

Opening hours restaurant

Every day from 7:00 am till 11:00 pm

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