Our Partners in Crime

Old Friend’s Coffee
Feeling discontent with tourism work, Sipil found fulfillment in farming his hometown’s land in Belantih Village, Kintamani, proudly sharing its bounty, particularly Arabica coffee, grown amidst citrus and banana trees, nourished by organic manure from the farm itself.

Made Tea  
@madeteas, an Indonesian Tisane Specialist in Ubud, curated by Ni Made Roni, boasts an array of exquisite tea blends. She champions local homemakers, particularly women, for production and packaging, while upholding strict natural farming practices, relying solely on natural fertilizers and organic pesticides

Sandan Natural Farm
Ayu and Wahyu, a determined young Balinese couple, returned to their village of Sandan during the pandemic and initiated a stunning natural farming venture on their ancestral land. In a brief span, they’ve turned an overlooked plot into a flourishing food haven at the base of Batu Karu.

Ubud Raw
In 2014, our founder experimented with making raw chocolate, discovering a creamy, delicious blend of cacao and coconut. This led to the birth of UBUD RAW Chocolate & Cacao. With just $10, he produced the first kilo of chocolates, funding the business’s growth organically, now employing 35 people and supporting Balinese farmers. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a small investment and dedication.

Mazaraat Cheese
Mazaraat Artisan Cheese specializes in crafting high-quality cheese and cheese-based dishes rich in the Indonesian taste palette, using fresh local farmer’s milk and other supporting ingredients. As a family-owned business, we adhere to the tradition of old-world natural cheesemaking, ensuring strict quality control and infusing each batch with love and care. Despite cheese not being common in Indonesian cuisine, we’re committed to providing access to fresh, local, and healthy food, creating unique cheeses that celebrate our cultural flavors.

In 2016, Benny founded iniTempe Bali (Now Tempeman), a progressive food tech company empowering non-GMO soy farmers and women communities across Bali and Java. With patience, passion, and persistence, Benny believes tempe can be enjoyed worldwide.

I_bakeyoueat is a local home bakery whipping up delicious cakes with lots of love and enthusiasm.