WordPress tutorials

Pagina’s en menu’s (pages / menu)

The basic pages to create your website are all available on this demo website (homepage, hotel, restaurant, explore, news, contact) If you still need an extra page you can check below tutorials. Do not forget to add the new page to your menu.
If you want to create a blog it is better to use “posts”.


Check below links to understand the difference between pages and posts:

Gutenberg editor

This is some background information on the system that is used in WordPress to add blocks. If you want to add a block, click on the little square at the right with “+”. Then you can choose what you want to add. The explanation about all options you can find in the video’s below.

WordPress Gutenberg is the new way of creating and publishing pages and posts (create pages & posts). Over the years, many ways of placing content in posts have emerged in the WordPress back-end. Think shortcodes, featured images, excerpts and embeds of videos.

This editor consists of predefined blocks you can choose from to easily build your page or post. There are also several good plugins that allow you to expand the number of blocks even further.

Create and plan a post (blog & schedule)

Install a plugin

If you want to use a specific plugin, it needs to be installed and activated.

You can find several free plugins on the wordpress website.

Since we have a lifetime membership with Motopress, all available plugins on Motopress can be used for free. Give me a sign if you need a specific plugin, then we can download it for you.

What is are widgets? How to use widgets?

A widget is an element that comes back on several pages, for instance the footer. You only need to amend a widget in one place to see your amendments on all pages.